Introducing the ultimate trading app.
Created by traders for students and other traders.

TraderEx is an excellent tool that will give you valuable hands-on experience managing time and market pressures by placing you in the roll of a Wall Street trader.

integrated features:

Real-Life Scenarios

TraderEx gives you insight as to what a trader
on a Wall Street trading desk might do.

Understand Prices

TraderEx will help you understand what a bid price
and an ask price really are and what they mean.

How Markets Work

TraderEx will show you how market and
limit orders are filled.

Learn How To Sell

TraderEx will teach you how important it is to buy
low and sell high.


Why Teach Trading?

Traders implement the investment decisions made by portfolio managers

Trading is a different career path from portfolio management.
Traders concentrate on different data than the portfolio managers,
and a different skill set and experience would be necessary to succeed as a trader

Poor trading can erode good investment decisions.
Few students graduate with an understanding of the difficulties of handling big orders in an illiquid market,
nor do they know how market structure affects trading behavior

Academic literature shows how a successful trading desk can
significantly impact the overall performance of a portfolio (e.g. Anand et al (2012))
But trading education is not part of the typical curriculum in Business Schools Trading is best taught by experiential learning